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  • I Just Got Married!! Building relationships based on value.

    15 Sep 2021 by

    Precious Gift On the first break of the pandemic shutdown, right when they allowed large gatherings indoors, of course with masks on, I said, “I do” to a beautiful, brilliant, strong, and God-loving lady at our church altar. Beatrice is funny, full of energy, and immensely gifted in music. When she sings at our local… Read more

  • Confidence: The Key to being fully alive!

    9 Apr 2021 by

    My favorite story I have read numerous times the story of Santiago, a young shepherd boy in Paulo Coelho’s must-read book, The Alchemist.  Santiago had chosen his job as a shepherd because he loved to travel and see the world. As he took care of his sheep in the fields, he had a recurring dream… Read more

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